Aggressive / Reckless Driver – How to Report

NOTE:  Motorists should never attempt to stop, confront, and/or follow an aggressive driver while awaiting police response.

Dial #77 on a cell phone.  This is the most effective means to report a reckless and dangerous driver to the Virginia State Police. Provide a vehicle description, license number, location and, if possible, direction of travel.  Every effort will be made to dispatch a trooper to the location to witness the driver’s behavior and take appropriate enforcement action. 

If a cell phone is not available, Virginia State Police maintains toll-free phone numbers (Office Locations) throughout the state for use by travelers to notify our Emergency Communication Centers/Dispatch of incidents and significant events including dangerous drivers on the highway. 

Under Virginia law, a police officer must witness a misdemeanor aggressive/reckless driving offense or has reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle.  You may need to give your name and additional information to a dispatcher in order for a law enforcement officer to take appropriate enforcement action if the law enforcement officer does not witness the driving behavior firsthand.  If you are the only witness, any action taken against the driver of the other vehicle must be initiated by you.  Taking this action would require that you secure a warrant for the person who committed the violation of Virginia’s traffic laws.  In order to accomplish this, you must first be able to identify the driver of the other vehicle and be willing to testify in court regarding the violation. 

What to do if you encounter an aggressive/reckless driver:

For more information visit:

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