Support Services Division

The Support Services Division (SSD) was established in 2018 and is comprised of the following Sections:

Counter-Terrorism / Criminal Interdiction (CCI)

The Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Section (CCI) is responsible for interdicting all threats of criminal activity occurring in the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing assistance to localities in combating crime in drug-prone areas, providing a coordinated response to terrorism incidents, and assisting other law enforcement agencies with the resolution of gang-related crimes and gang-related violence.

Primary activities of the Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Section include:

Asset Forfeiture

The forfeiture of seized assets is governed under Code of Virginia Section 19.2, Chapter 22.1 and various state and federal statutes. Proceeds derived from the sale of forfeited assets are placed in the Drug Investigation Special Trust Account and the Asset Forfeiture Account and drawn from as the need arises. This section also assists local and other state agencies by providing investigative support and technical training.

Illegal Marijuana Eradication

Changes in Virginia's law will legalize the growing, possession, and personal use of a limited amount of marijuana. However, exceeding the parameters of the law will continue to be illegal. This section focuses only on the illegal production and distribution of marijuana.

The Department of State Police remains committed to enforcing the controlled substance laws within the Commonwealth. Our mission is to keep the Commonwealth safe by combating the flow of illegal drugs. We aim to disrupt and dismantle organized criminal operations fostering this illegal enterprise. With DEA funding, the Department of State Police comes together with state and local law enforcement agencies and the Virginia Army National Guard to operate year-round eradication initiatives to eliminate illegal drug operations.

The agents assigned to this mission facilitate coordination and cooperation among member agencies. Six special agents are assigned to Illegal Drug Eradication.

The four facets of Illegal Marijuana Eradication are:

Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces

The Department of State Police participates in 33 multi-jurisdictional task forces across the Commonwealth. These task forces consist of state and local investigators pooling resources and personnel to combat organized crime. They investigate crimes originating in and between participating jurisdictions and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia involving gang violence, illegal drug activity, child exploitation, human trafficking, and other illegal activity.

Polygraph Quality Control

The Polygraph Quality Control Section provides oversight to the Virginia State Police polygraph program. This team is responsible for reviewing all polygraph examinations conducted by the State Police to ensure accuracy. The State Police polygraph program has been in existence since 1962 and meets the strict standards for compliance with the Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation (PLEA) program. All examiners are graduates from American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited academies.

Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Program

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Insurance Fraud Program

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Drug Diversion

The purpose of the Drug Diversion Section (DDS) is to reduce the pharmaceutical drug diversion problem throughout the Commonwealth through enforcement, education and prevention. The DDS came into existence as a result of a federal grant to focus on the diversion of legitimate pharmaceuticals for illicit purposes. Drug diversion continues to be an exponentially severe problem in Virginia. Consistent with trends across the country, in Virginia the current demand for diverted pharmaceuticals eclipses the demand for all other illicit drugs combined.

According to an April 2020 report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 67,000 drug overdose deaths were reported in the United States in 2018. Nearly 70 percent of those deaths involved opioids and nearly 1,200 of those deaths occurred in Virginia.

The DDS team works with the DEA, the Department of Health Professions, and the Department of Medical Assistance Services, plus local law enforcement agencies, to combat the diversion of prescription drugs to illicit purposes. A major educational role of the program is teaching local law enforcement officials about the extent of the drug diversion problem in their own jurisdictions and what they can do to end it. This program also includes the education of health care professionals, both physicians and pharmacists, about the magnitude of the problem and the importance of self-policing and ensuring the integrity of their individual health care delivery systems.

In order for law enforcement to access and obtain information from the Prescription Monitoring Program, the following must be met according to § 54.1-2523; information received must be relevant to a specific investigation of a specific recipient or of a specific dispenser or prescriber to an agent who has completed the Virginia State Police Drug Diversion School designated by the Superintendent of the Department of State Police or designated by the chief law-enforcement officer of any county, city, town or campus police department to conduct drug diversion investigations pursuant to § 54.1-3405. This school is offered once a year to provide training and on how to investigate pharmaceutical diversion.

Diversion Alert Fax System (DAFS)

The DAFS is designed to provide the pharmaceutical community with critical information needed to aid in the prevention of diversion activities.

If a practitioner discovers a prescription pad stolen, alterations to his/her prescriptions and/or the illegal use of a name or DEA number in order to obtain false telephone prescriptions, the practitioner should contact the State Police, Drug Diversion Section. Pharmacists can also provide similar information which will be verified before its inclusion in the system. DDS, through DAFS, will send an alert containing the critical information to all fax equipped pharmacies within the practitioner's county/city and surrounding jurisdictions.

DAFS is an additional tool that we can all utilize to help eliminate the unnecessary diversion of pharmaceutical drugs into our communities. The system will only be successful if you provide the appropriate information to the Virginia State Police for dissemination


Euniqueca Reed,
Drug Diversion Analyst
Phone: (804) 674-2779
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Outside of business hours

Call Virginia Drug Hot Line: (800) 553-DOPE (3673)
and tell them this is a DAFS Request.