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The Virginia Department of State Police is committed to ensuring fair consideration of all suppliers in its procurement of services, supplies, and construction. The Procurement Section of the Property and Finance Division ensures that all materials, supplies, equipment, and services required by VSP are acquired at the lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality required, and in compliance with the policies and procedures of the Commonwealth.

Doing Business with VSP

The Virginia State Police (VSP) advertises solicitations through eVA's Virginia Business Opportunities.

Policy and Manuals

Additional Resources

State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program (The 1122 Program)

The National Defense Authorization Act (Section 1122) authorizes state and local governments to purchase law enforcement equipment, as delineated by law, through the federal government. Learn more about the State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement >>>

Commonwealth of Virginia Prompt Payment Policy

The Prompt Payment Act requires state agencies that acquire goods and services, or conduct business through contractual agreements with non-governmental and privately-owned businesses, to pay by the "required" payment due date for delivered goods and services.

The required payment due date is established by the terms of the contract; or if a contract is not in existence, thirty calendar days after the receipt of a proper invoice, or thirty days after the receipt of goods or services, whichever is later.

The Prompt Payment Act:

Additional information regarding the Prompt Payment Act may be located at Department of Accounts Forms, Instructions, and Information.