Woodson Memorial Gallery

Special Agent Rodney Dean Grimes

The Colonel C. W. Woodson, Jr. Memorial Gallery is dedicated to those members of the Virginia State Police and their predecessors, the inspectors of the Division of Motor Vehicles, who gave their lives in the preservation of law and order, and who, in so doing, lived and died in the best traditions of law enforcement’s duty and service to mankind.

Late in the fall of 1943, Colonel Woodson, then Superintendent of the Virginia State Police, and Mr. G. Watson James, Jr., an employee of the Division of Motor Vehicles, agreed that portraits of sworn members of the State Police who had given their lives in the line of duty would be an appropriate and lasting memorial.  Although there were no funds available for the project, Mr. James contacted a number of artists and requested they prepare a portrait as a gift to the gallery, then known as the Memorial Art Gallery.

We are grateful to Mr. James and to every artist who has prepared a portrait for the gallery, which was relocated from the Department’s Administrative Headquarters Building to the State Police Academy in 1989. The gallery was renamed at that time to also serve as a memorial to the late Colonel Woodson.

The Department’s Police Officers’ Memorial Service is held each year during National Law Enforcement Week at the State Police Academy, 7700 Midlothian Turnpike, Chesterfield County.

“It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived.”
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Lucas B. Dowell

Trooper Lucas B. Dowell

1990 – 2019

On Feb. 4, 2019, Trooper Lucas B. Dowell, in his capacity as a Tactical Team member, was shot and killed while assisting with the execution of a narcotics search warrant at a residence in Cumberland County.



On Aug. 12, 2017, Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen III was killed when his helicopter crashed in Albemarle County.




H. Jay Cullen III

Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen III


Berke M.M. Bates

Trooper-Pilot Burke M.M. Bates

1976 – 2017



On Aug. 12, 2017, Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates was killed when his helicopter crashed in Albemarle County.


On May 26, 2017, Special Agent Michael T. Walter had walked up to a vehicle in the City of Richmond and was shot by the vehicle’s passenger.  Special Agent Walter succumbed to his injuries the following morning.



Michael T. Walter

Special Agent Michael T. Walter

1971 – 2017

Chad P. Dermyer

Trooper Chad P. Dermyer

1978 – 2016

On March 31, 2016, Trooper Chad P. Dermyer was shot and killed while participating in a tactical interdiction training operation at a bus station in the City of Richmond. Trooper Dermyer had approached a male subject and verbally engaged with the individual when the male subject began shooting at the trooper.



On Sept. 21, 2015, Trooper Nathan-Michael W. Smith responded to aid a fellow trooper in need at a crash scene. While en-route, Trooper Smith ran off the left side of the Interstate 295 exit ramp and crashed into the wood line in Prince George County. Trooper Smith was flown to VCU Medical Center where he died later that morning.

Nathan-Michael W. Smith

Trooper Nathan-Michael W. Smith

1987 – 2015

J. Michael Phillippi

Sergeant J. Michael Phillippi

1948 – 2014

On Jan. 11, 2014, Sergeant Phillippi was working the overnight shift when his patrol car crashed on Route 57 in Henry County.
On March 7, 2013, Master Trooper Walker was shot and killed during a welfare check on a motorist stopped on the shoulder of Interstate 85 in Dinwiddie County.

Junius A. Walker

Master Trooper Junius A. Walker

1949 – 2013

Andrew D. Fox

Trooper Andrew D. Fox

1984 – 2012

On October 5, 2012, Trooper Fox was working
a special assignment in Hanover County directing traffic when an SUV traveling through the intersection struck Trooper Fox.

Trooper Adam M. Bowen was killed June 24, 2011, in King George Co. when his patrol car collided with a vehicle that pulled out in front of him. Trooper Bowen was responding to a BCI request for assistance with a traffic stop.


Adam M. Bowen

Trooper Adam M. Bowen

1982 – 2011



Mark D. Barrett

Trooper Mark D. Barrett

1969 – 2010

Trooper Mark D. Barrett, a member of the VSP Search and Recovery Team, was participating in the team’s annual dive training on the afternoon of September 14, 2010, in Lake Anna near Louisa County when he experienced a medical complication underwater. Despite aggressive medical resuscitation by team members and paramedics, he passed away later that night.
On the afternoon of April 25, 2007, Motorist Assistance Aide (MA) Jarratt had pulled off onto the right shoulder of the northbound lanes of I-95 to respond to a call for debris in the roadway. While attempting to remove a large piece of tire tread from the center lane MA Jarratt was struck by an oncoming tractor-trailer and died at the scene.

Horace A. Jarratt

Motorist Assistance Aide Horace Jarratt

1941 – 2007

Robert A. Hill, Sr.

Senior Trooper Robert A. Hill, Sr.

1964 – 2006

Senior Trooper Robert A. Hill, Sr. was in the process of issuing a summons to a stopped motorist on the afternoon of November 24, 2006, in Southampton County, when he was struck and killed by a passing vehicle.



Trooper Kevin C. Manion was killed on February 18, 2006, while responding to the scene of a single-vehicle crash in Clarke County. As the damaged vehicle was being moved, a firearm inside it discharged, striking him in the chest.

Kevin C. Manion

Trooper Kevin C. Manion

1978 – 2006

Michael T. Blanton

Trooper Michael T. Blanton

  1973 – 2003

Trooper Michael T. Blanton died on January 29, 2003 from injuries sustained on I-64 in Henrico County when the car of a suspected drinking driver whom he had attempted to question crashed, rolled over and pinned his body underneath.
Trooper Cosslett was killed on October 23, 2002 on Interstate 95 in Fairfax County after a tow truck veered into the path of his motorcycle and struck him, causing him to be ejected from his vehicle.

C. Mark Cosslett

Trooper C. Mark Cosslett




Daniel Lee Williams

Trooper Daniel Lee Williams

1961 – 1999

Trooper Williams passed away on December 12, 1999, from injuries sustained in a crash while trying to overtake a suspect on December 10 in Cumberland County.
Trooper Cheney was struck and killed by a motor vehicle January 17, 1998, while directing traffic at the scene of a motor vehicle crash on U. S. Route 1 near Fredericksburg.

Jessica Jean Cheney

Trooper Jessica Jean Cheney


Norman Wesley Hampton

Trooper Norman Wesley Hampton

1937 – 1997

Retired Sergeant Hampton died June 3, 1997, rescuing a young boy from the storm-tossed ocean at Pawley’s Island, SC.
Trooper Fleenor was killed December 12, 1996, in a crash while trying to overtake a suspected drinking driver in Hanover County. 

Gregory Patton Fleenor

Trooper Gregory Patton Fleenor

1966 – 1996

Henry Noel Harmon

Trooper Henry Noel Harmon

1929 – 1995

Trooper Harmon was shot in the neck January 10, 1960, in Pittsylvania County, and died February 7, 1995, due to complications from the wound.
Trooper Cavazos was shot and killed February 24, 1993, by a motorist following a traffic stop in Prince William County. 

Jose M. Cavazos

Trooper Jose M. Cavazos


Jerry Lynn Hines

Trooper Jerry Lynn Hines



Master Trooper Hines was shot and killed February 20, 1989, following a traffic stop on Interstate 81 near Lexington.

Trooper Vernon was struck and killed August 16, 1988, by a bus on Interstate 395 following a traffic stop in Alexandria. 

Jacqueline Vernon

Trooper Jacqueline Vernon

1955 – 1988

Harry Lee Henderson

Trooper Harry Lee Henderson


Trooper Henderson was killed March 17, 1987, when he was struck by a truck on Interstate 66 in Warren County.
Trooper Cochran was shot and killed January 15, 1987, while responding to a domestic argument in Fairfax County. 

Alexander M. Cochran, III

Trooper Alexander M. Cochran, III


Ricky Marshall McCoy

Trooper Ricky Marshall McCoy


Trooper McCoy was shot and killed January 3, 1986, by two motorists following a traffic stop on Interstate 81 in Salem.
Trooper Whitt was shot and killed April 12, 1985, by a motorist he stopped on Interstate 95 in Prince George County.

Leo Whitt

Trooper Leo Whitt


James LeRoy Biggs

Sergeant James LeRoy Biggs



Sergeant Biggs was shot and killed December 18, 1984, by a motorist after a traffic stop in Alleghany County.


Trooper Bowman was stabbed and killed on Sunday, August 19, 1984, at his home in Manassas by an unknown assailant.

Johnny Rush Bowman

Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman


Rodney Dean Grimes

Special Agent Rodney Dean Grimes



Special Agent in Charge Grimes was killed October 9, 1983, in a motor vehicle crash on Route 55 in Shenandoah County.


Trooper Farmer was killed in a crash September 3, 1981, during the pursuit of a violator on Route 639 in Caroline County.

Robin Lee Farmer

Trooper Robin Lee Farmer


Robert Tinsley Lohr

Trooper Robert Tinsley Lohr


Trooper Lohr was struck by a car and killed July 22, 1978, while assisting a motorist on Interstate 95 near Carmel Church.


Trooper Wright was killed in a crash January 17, 1976, during the pursuit of a violator on Route 696 in Halifax County.

Bernard Walter Wright

Trooper Bernard Walter Wright


Garland West Fisher, Jr.

Trooper Garland West Fisher, Jr.



Trooper Fisher was shot and killed November 15, 1976, near Durham, N. C. He had been abducted the day before his death.

Investigator Seymour was killed April 25, 1975, in a motor vehicle crash that occurred on U. S. Route 1 in Spotsylvania County.

Claude Everett Seymour

Investigator Claude Everett Seymour


James Read Hughes

Trooper James Read Hughes



Trooper Hughes was struck and killed June 3, 1974, in Fairfax County, by a truck following a traffic stop of a motorist.


Trooper Kennedy was killed November 5, 1973, in a pursuit crash on Route 208 in Spotsylvania County.

Rannie DeWitt Kennedy

Trooper Rannie DeWitt Kennedy


Donald Edward Lovelace

Trooper Donald Edward Lovelace



Trooper Lovelace was struck and killed October 18, 1970, during a traffic stop near Newport News.


Trooper Bussard was killed May 5, 1970, in a crash near Dumfries responding to a call.

Jackie Monroe Bussard

Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard


Warren Yokley Harless

Trooper Warren Yokley Harless



Trooper Harless was killed November 18, 1968, assisting the Lee County Sheriff’s Office with an arrest situation.


Trooper Miller was fatally injured June 13, 1963, in a crash that occurred near the City of Williamsburg.

Garland Matthew Miller

Trooper Garland Matthew Miller


Charles Eugene Morris

Trooper Charles Eugene Morris



Trooper Morris was shot and killed March 2, 1962, while assisting the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office with an arrest.


Trooper Brooks was hit by a car and fatally injured June 10, 1956, while investigating a crash in Pittsylvania County.

Henry Murray Brooks, Jr.

Trooper Henry Murray Brooks, Jr.


Robert Louis Loder, Jr.

Trooper Robert Louis Loder, Jr.


Trooper Loder was killed in a motor vehicle crash January 31, 1954, while patrolling U. S. Route 1 in Hanover County.


Trooper Giles died July 23, 1954, from gunshot wounds suffered while he was attempting to make an arrest in Coeburn.

Robert Fulton Giles

Trooper Robert Fulton Giles


Walter Sinton Parrish

Trooper Walter Sinton Parrish


Trooper Parrish was killed in a motor vehicle crash October 4, 1953, while patrolling Route 350 in Fairfax County.
Trooper Smith was killed November 21, 1951, in an automobile and train collision that occurred in Pamplin.

Robert Wright Smith

Trooper Robert Wright Smith


Wallace Monroe Simpson

Investigator Wallace Monroe Simpson


Investigator Simpson was shot and killed October 23, 1951, while arresting an escaped inmate near Petersburg.


Trooper Porter was killed June 20, 1950, in a plane crash near Allmonds Wharf while on a mission as an observer.

Robert Edward Porter

Trooper Robert Edward Porter


Joseph Benjamin Thomas

Trooper Joseph Benjamin Thomas



Trooper Thomas, pilot, was killed June 20, 1950, in a plane crash near Allmonds Wharf while on a Department mission.


Trooper Caldwell was killed June 17, 1948, near Newport News, in a motor vehicle crash that occurred while he was in pursuit of a traffic violator.

Robert Elvin Caldwell

Trooper Robert Elvin Caldwell


William H. Andrews

Trooper William H. Andrews



Trooper Andrews succumbed October 3, 1946, to injuries he received in a motor vehicle crash three days earlier in Nottoway County.


Trooper Flippen, on a military leave of absence, was reported killed in action February 7, 1945, in World War II.

William T. Flippen, Jr.

Trooper William T. Flippen, Jr.


George Franklin Miller

Trooper George Franklin Miller



Trooper Miller, on a military leave of absence, was reported killed in action January 20, 1945, in World War II.


License Examiner Hagerman, on a military leave of absence, was reported missing in action March 17, 1943.

Charles E. Hagerman

License Examiner Charles E. Hagerman


William Stafford Tinsley

Trooper William Stafford Tinsley



Trooper Tinsley was killed September 5, 1942, in a motor vehicle crash which occurred west of Roanoke on Route 11.


Trooper Mayo succumbed February 19, 1941, to injuries he suffered in a motor vehicle crash that occurred two days earlier in Hampton.

Urshell Thomas Mayo

Trooper Urshell Thomas Mayo


Clarence Lemuel Maynard

Sergeant Clarence Lemuel Maynard



Sergeant Maynard succumbed September 9, 1939, to injuries suffered earlier while responding to the assistance of a resident near Abingdon.


Sergeant Puckett died March 28, 1938, from pneumonia contracted while pursuing and arresting a murder suspect in Southwest Virginia.

Charles William Puckett

Sergeant Charles William Puckett


William R. Thompson

Trooper William R. Thompson



Trooper Thompson was shot and killed September 23, 1935, while attempting to arrest three bank robbers at Fork Union.


Trooper Bullock succumbed February 15, 1934, to injuries received in a motorcycle crash near Fairfax several months earlier.

Charles Bazil Bullock

Trooper Charles Bazil Bullock


Thomas Allen Belt

Inspector Thomas Allen Belt



Inspector Belt succumbed August 18, 1930, to injuries received in a motorcycle crash several days earlier in Loudoun County.


Inspector Wood was killed March 11, 1929, in a crash with an intoxicated driver while patrolling on his motorcycle in James City County.

Curtis Lee Wood

Inspector Curtis Lee Wood


Phillip C. Via

Inspector Phillip C. Via



Inspector Via succumbed January 11, 1929, to injuries received while serving as an escort for President Coolidge near Waynesboro.

Inspector Hatcher succumbed August 19, 1928, to injuries received while attempting to arrest a murder suspect in Culpeper County.

W. Neville Hatcher

Inspector W. Neville Hatcher




Artists who have provided portraits for the gallery are Gertrude K. Russi, Frank S. Rowley, Jr., George H. Ben Johnson, Thomas Allen Belt, James E. True, Elizabeth Nottingham (Day), G. Watson James, Jr., Pierre Daura, Adele Clark, James F. Banks, Hugo Stevens, Greta Matson, Belle Worsham, Jewett Campbell, R. Vernon Hunter, Walter Whitehead, Helen Schuyler (Hull) Bailey, E. Wray Bernicchi, John D. Slavin, Charles Ingle, Jeanne Begien Campbell, Beatrice T. Klein, Marie Whitehurst, Milton Hull, Robert Simmons Fuller, Virginia W. Harrison, Eloise W. Atkinson, Donald Edward Poore, and Merrily C. Johnstone.