Volunteers: A Valuable Asset


Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with the Virginia State Police?
You are eligible if:

  • You are 18 years or older (limited opportunities are available for students who are 16 years or older)
  • You have some free time to contribute
  • You have a clear background
  • You genuinely desire to be of service to your community
  • Applicants must reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia

What do volunteers do?
Volunteers do not replace either law enforcement or civilian personnel. Volunteers work along with State Police staff to assist them in some duties and relieve them of others so that they can devote their time to more pressing requirements. As a volunteer, you will support staff in the performance of their assigned duties. With your help, the Department gains the benefit of additional hands and minds in the service of the public.

Are there different kinds of jobs for volunteers?
Almost any type of activity, except actual police work, is open to you as a volunteer. Such activities include the following, and more:

  • Data entry
  • Filing, typing, archiving, copying
  • Telephone answering
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Warehousing

When and Where can I work?
Most volunteers work during normal business hours. The Department will try to find a spot for you when you are available. Once we know of your interest through your application, we will try to match your skill with our needs.

The Virginia Department of State Police has offices throughout the state. There are seven division offices and numerous area offices which utilize the services of volunteers

Are there any special requirements?
In addition to interest, enthusiasm, and skills, volunteers must have a clear background. Before you come aboard for volunteer service, you must pass a background investigation. The extent of the investigation varies with the kind of work you will be doing. You will be notified of the background investigation before it is begun.

How to obtain a volunteer application:
The Virginia State Police urges individuals who can volunteer to contact the Human Resources Division at the Administrative Headquarters in Chesterfield County.

Ready to Volunteer?

To receive an application, volunteers can:

Questions relating to employment, volunteer opportunities and other personnel matters can be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator in the Personnel Division at (804) 674-2121.