Virginia Motor Vehicle Approved Equipment List

The below listed equipment has undergone Virginia’s approval requirements; however, there is other aftermarket vehicle equipment from reputable manufacturers not listed here that has already met Society of Automotive Engineers, the American National Standards Institute Incorporated, and/or Department of Transportation approval requirements making its use on motor vehicles legal in Virginia pursuant to VA Code § 46.2-1005.  Aftermarket vehicle lighting products that have already met the above standards and are labeled with the appropriate SAE and/or DOT compliancy markings do not have to undergo further approvals for permitted use in Virginia.

It shall be the consumer’s responsibility to check the manufacturer’s equipment specifications regarding its intended usage, approval certifications, and compatibility as an original equipment manufacturer replacement part or add-on prior to any use on a motor vehicle operated on the highways of Virginia.

Contact the VSP Safety Division, if you have questions about motor vehicle equipment approval or legal use in Virginia.

  1. Definitions
  2. Air Conditioning Systems
  3. Auxiliary Lamps
  4. Backup Lamps
  5. Brake System for Trucks and Trailers
  6. Brake Testing Equipment
  7. Clearance Lamps
  8. Cornering Lamps
  9. Driving Lamps
  10. Face Shields: For Motorcycles
  11. Flares
  12. Headlamp & Headlamp Equipment
  13. Headlamp Testing Equipment
  14. Helmets
  15. Identification Lamps
  16. License Plate Lamps
  17. Parking Lamps
  18. Passing Lamps
  19. Rear Lamps
  20. Reflex Reflectors
  21. Safety Glass
  22. Safety Glasses for Motorcycle Operators
  23. Safety Glazing Materials
  24. Seat Belts
  25. Signal Devices
  26. Sirens
  27. Spot Lamps
  28. Stop Lamps
  29. Warning Signal Lamps