CCIS Request

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY. This form is ONLY for use by designated CCIS Agency Administrators, law enforcement agencies seeking to set up access to the Central Criminal Image System (CCIS) at VSP, or to ask questions about the system. IF YOU ARE NOT A DESIGNATE OF A CRIMINAL JUSTICE AGENCY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS FORM. If you are a CCIS user and need help, contact your CCIS Agency Administrator.

CCIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our agency has been given access and has a problem or question–what do we do?

USERS: User administration and user troubleshooting is handled by your agency, so users must contact the CCIS agency administrator. AGENCY ADMINISTRATORS: Please refer to the Policies and Procedures document (attached to email granting access) – the latest version is dated August 2008. Also refer to the User Manual (username, password, and link for accessing it are included in the email granting access). If the issue isn’t covered or you need the updated document, please use this form. Updates and notices are sent by email to the addresses in CCIS – the last update was sent 10/24/08. Please ensure that your email address and information is correct in CCIS and is in your safe list. There is no phone support for this system at this time. VSP personnel will respond to your question as soon as possible.

What do I do if I’m getting the error below?

Please consult page 2 and the troubleshooting section of the Policies document you received when you were granted access.

Error text for Live Scan users

Our agency has not been given access. How do we request it?

Each criminal justice agency in Virginia (with or without Livescan) will be able to access the system, without cost, via a web browser. The agency head or their designee can request access using the form below. An agreement will be e-mailed to the requester for completion by the Agency Head.

What characteristics make a good CCIS Agency Admin? 

An effective CCIS Agency Admin will have the ability to troubleshoot and communicate user needs/problems effectively to VSP and vice versa. This role does not necessarily require IT knowledge but does require good communication and problem-solving skills.

What can I do with CCIS? 

You can view mugshot and scar, mark and tattoo images received with arrests from across the state, search for images based on personal descriptors, create lineups and reports and run facial recognition queries.

Is this a criminal history?

No, information contained in CCIS is similar to information contained in a criminal history but is not a criminal history and should not be relied upon as such. For an individual’s RAP sheet, use VCIN.

Do I need special training to use the system?

No, but you should read the policies and procedures document, the user guide, and use the online tutorials provided upon access before you use it to be sure you’re getting the most out of CCIS.

CONTACT US: Please complete the information below. You will receive an autoreply within 30 minutes with a copy of your submission. Someone will respond by e-mail or phone within two business days. Be sure your e-mail address is correct or you will not receive a reply.

Live Scan Applicant ID Response Form

Have you received the initial response for the records below?
If no, have you waited six hours since the record was transmitted?
If yes and you have not received the second response, have you waited 48 hours since the record was transmitted?