Live Scan Applicant ID Response Form

This form is for use by current Live Scan agencies that transmit fee-paid, fingerprint-based applicant requests electronically. If you have not received a response to a transmission, please fill out the form below and click ‘submit.’ You will receive a copy of your submission by e-mail automatically. If you have not received a reply to this form request within four hours, please forward your copy of the submission acknowledgement e-mail to VSP.

The Virginia State Police sends one or two responses to applicant requests. The first response will generally be made within 15-30 minutes of transmission but can take longer, however it should not take longer than six hours. If the first response is not a ‘reject’ response, the second response is normally sent within 48 hours but in some rare cases can take longer (10-14 days).

Please complete the information below and someone will respond by e-mail.

Have you received the initial response for the records below?
If no, have you waited six hours since the record was transmitted?
If yes and you have not received the second response, have you waited 48 hours since the record was transmitted?