Crime Prevention

Install motion detector lights on the exterior of your home that light up the driveway and back doorsHave interior lights on a timer for when you are on vacation or arrive home after darkDo not hide keys under mats or other objects.Keep your home well lit at night. Both outdoors and indoors.

Each year, the Department’s Crime Prevention Specialists reach thousands of Virginians of all ages through its nationally-acclaimed “Crime Prevention/Crush Crime” program. Crime Prevention Specialist troopers are specially-trained on the most current crime prevention trends and techniques. Participating troopers also aid in the critical protection of Virginia’s schools, governmental facilities, businesses, and residential communities through the “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” (CPTED) model and other mitigation-based methodologies. Additional areas of expertise include personal safety, workplace violence prevention, bullying, and identity theft. VSP Troopers achieve certification or remain certified through the Department of Criminal Justice Services as a Crime Prevention Specialist.

The Department is represented by Crime Prevention Specialists on the following committees and events: Youth of Virginia Speak Out (YOVASO), Youth Alcohol Drug Abuse Project (YADAP), the Virginia Airport Security Committee, the Virginia Judicial Security Initiative, the Capitol Security Working Group, Office of the Attorney General’s Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT), Governors Office Substance Abuse Prevention (GOSAP) committee, and Virginia Crime Prevention Association.

To request a Crime Prevention Specialist to speak to/conduct a presentation to your group, organization, or school, please contact the Training Division at (804) 674-2227 or