Division One Radio Room

The Virginia State Police Dispatch provides assistance to law enforcement personnel, emergency personnel, the general public and the media. Located in all 7 Divisions each team operates within a specific geographic area by sending and receiving information and by sending emergency assistance or service equipment as required assisting law enforcement personnel or the general public.

Dispatch takes both #77 and non-emergency calls for service. Dispatchers receive and disseminate complaints and inquiries from residents, visitors, and other sources. They provide additional assistance by contacting and requesting services of wreckers, emergency medical services to include Med-Flight, fire services and other law enforcement agencies.

Dispatchers operate a variety of equipment, maintain various logs, records of activities, and access information through several systems including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), and other databases.

Division Radio Rooms

Division One Building
Head set

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this job require a background check?

Yes. All Virginia State Police employees are required to pass a fingerprint-based background check.

What qualifications are you looking for in a dispatcher?

Candidates should possess a High school or GED equivalent, and be able to type 35 wpm. Prior First Aid/CPR experience is preferred. Candidates should either have United States citizenship or have been a lawful resident of the United States for the past 10 consecutive years to apply for VCIN certification. Selected candidates will need to obtain First Aid/CPR and VCIN certifications after hire.

How do I apply?

Applications, resumes and/or cover letters will only be accepted online through the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management’s website.