Superintendent’s Office

The Virginia State Police (VSP) provides high quality, statewide law enforcement services to the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia and its visitors. Its services range from criminal background checks for employers to vehicle safety inspections, as well as traditional law enforcement roles including executive protection, counter-terrorism, tactical team operations, and criminal investigations.

Combined Headquarters/Emergency Operations Center

Phone: (804) 674-2000
Fax: (804) 674-2936

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 27472
Richmond, VA 23261

Physical Location:
Administrative Headquarters
7700 Midlothian Turnpike
North Chesterfield, VA 23235


Colonel Gary T. Settle

Colonel Gary T. Settle

Colonel Gary T. Settle is the Virginia State Police Superintendent and serves as the chief executive officer of the Department.

Appointed by Governor Ralph Northam in December 2017, Colonel Settle oversees the Department’s mission to provide the Commonwealth with a comprehensive, responsive statewide police department, independent yet supportive of local and federal law enforcement agencies; to preserve law and order; to enforce traffic and regulatory laws; and, to provide security and safety services to the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia and its visitors. As Superintendent, Colonel Settle leads and manages all aspects of the Department of State Police encompassing the Office of Performance Management and Internal Controls (OPMIC), Office of Internal Affairs, Public Relations Office, Executive Protective Unit, Bureau of Administrative and Support Services (BASS), Bureau of Field Operations (BFO), and Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Colonel Settle graduated from the Virginia State Police Academy in 1986 as class president of the 78th Basic Session. His first patrol assignment was in Frederick and Clarke counties in the State Police Culpeper Division. During his tenure with State Police, he has served as a Tactical Team supervisor, narcotics and general investigation special agent, firearms instructor, and served on the State Police Honor Guard. As he progressed through the ranks, his assignments have taken him to the State Police Culpeper and Wytheville Divisions. Prior to his appointment as Superintendent, he served as the Director of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Deputy Superintendent

Lieutenant Colonel Tracy S. Russillo

Lieutenant Colonel Tracy S. Russillo
Deputy Superintendent

Lieutenant Colonel Tracy S. Russillo was appointed to the position in August 2016. Lieutenant Colonel Russillo reports to the Superintendent and manages the day-to-day operations of the Superintendent’s Office.

Lieutenant Colonel Russillo joined the Virginia State Police in May 1989 and was a member of the 85th Basic Session. Her first patrol assignment as a trooper was in Spotsylvania County’s Area 5 Office, and she spent an additional two years patrolling in the Culpeper County Area 15 Office. As she has progressed through the VSP ranks, Russillo has served as an Academy sergeant in Richmond and area commander of the Winchester Area 13 Office before being promoted to field lieutenant in the Culpeper Division. In 2008, she achieved the rank of captain, serving as the Fairfax Division commander in the Northern Virginia region. Russillo was promoted to major in 2011 assuming the position of deputy director of the Bureau of Administrative and Support Services (BASS).  Colonel W. Steven Flaherty promoted her to the position of BASS director on Dec. 25, 2015.


  • Executive Protective Unit (EPU) — provides security and transportation for the Governor and his immediate family members.
  • Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) — conducts and coordinates the investigations of allegations of misconduct on the part of Department employees, provides the Department with independent and objective audits and reviews of Department operations, and conducts inspections of all organizational components within the Department.
  • Public Relations Office (PRO) — promotes all aspects of public safety through comprehensive public information and education programs.
  • Bureau of Administrative and Support Services (BASS) — provides essential services through extensive technical and professional expertise.
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) — provides thorough and comprehensive investigation of all criminal matters mandated by statute and established Department policy.
  • Bureau of Field Operations (BFO) — provides both traffic enforcement and criminal law enforcement while patrolling over 74,000 miles of state roadways and interstate highways throughout Virginia.

State Police Offices across Virginia

In addition to the Administrative offices located in Richmond, the Department has uniformed field divisions, uniformed area offices, and criminal investigation field offices strategically located across the Commonwealth. These divisions and area offices may be seen on our office locations page.

Each office:

  • Is equipped to provide a rapid response to daily public safety needs.
  • Makes its resources readily available to local law enforcement.
  • Has the ability to mobilize its personnel and equipment within minutes to address any emergency situation throughout the Commonwealth.

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