Transporting Firearms through Virginia

While it is the general policy of this agency to provide assistance and information to private individuals whenever possible, the Department of State Police does not provide legal advice, opinions, or statute interpretation to private individuals.

Virginia does not require firearm registration nor is it necessary to obtain a permit before carrying a firearm or other such weapon openly about the person except where prohibited by statute.

Pursuant to VA Code §18.2-308.02, resident concealed handgun permits are issued by the circuit court of the jurisdiction in which the applicant resides.

Pursuant to VA Code §18.2-308.06, nonresident concealed handgun permits are issued by the Virginia State Police.

A concealed handgun permit is not necessary when carrying a handgun while in a personal, private motor vehicle or vessel and such handgun is secured in a container or compartment in the vehicle or vessel.  The term “secured” as used does not require the compartment to be locked. OAG opinion 11-111.

The following information is provided as a general overview of various state statutes relating to firearms and other weapons:

  • VA Code § 15.2-1209.1. — Counties may regulate carrying of loaded firearms on public highways.
  • VA Code § 15.2-915.2. — Regulation of transportation of a loaded rifle or shotgun.
  • VA Code § 18.2-308. — Carrying concealed weapons; exceptions; penalty.