Specialty Teams

Each of the seven field divisions deploys tactical teams, canine teams, and search and rescue teams. These teams are available 24 hours a day to assist local law enforcement agencies or State Police personnel. Tactical teams assist in the execution of high-risk search or arrest warrants and in dealing with hostage situations. Canine teams are available to track lost persons or fugitives, search for suspects of crimes, and detect illegal drugs, explosives, or accelerants used in arsons. Search and Recover uses SCUBA teams to recover drowning victims, conduct swift water rescues, or search for evidence of criminal activity.

Canine Program

Canine teams are available to track lost persons or fugitives, search for suspects, and detect explosives or accelerants used in arsons. At the present time, there are two canine training facilities operated by the Department. The first is located at the Training Academy in Richmond and the second is located at the Abingdon Regional Jail in Washington County. Learn more about our Canine program >>

Operational Medical Support Unit

Operational Medical Support (OMS) Unit was created to provide the Department with medical support capabilities during natural and man-made disasters as well as to assist local EMS and Search and Rescue Team mission responses. Learn more about our Operational Medical Support Unit >>

Search and Rescue Team

The Search and Rescue Team (SRT) is designed as a multifaceted specialty unit. SRT provides underwater criminal investigations, land search and rescue, swiftwater rescue, and advanced medical support. Learn more about our Search and Rescue Team. >>

Tactical Team Program

The Tactical Team Program is designed to provide an organized and disciplined response to life-threatening events that require specialized training to ensure safe resolutions. Learn more about our Tactical Team Program >>