Antique Vehicle Registration

Pursuant to VA Code § 46.2-730 owners of an antique vehicle must complete a VSA 10 B (Antique License Plate Applicant Certification Form), have it notarized, and submit it to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The VSA 10 B form may be downloaded in PDF format at

The owner must certify that the antique vehicle meets the safety equipment requirements for its model year and is in safe operating condition. The certification process involves a self-inspection by the registered owner. Antique vehicles meeting the requirements to be exempt from state inspection need not be examined by an official state inspector.

In completing the self-inspection process, owners of antique vehicles should review sections of the Code of Virginia that concern benchmark years for required vehicle safety equipment. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that an antique vehicle is in safe operating condition. Any driver found to be operating a vehicle that is not properly equipped or is otherwise unsafe to operate can be charged for defective equipment.

Antique Vehicle Safety References

Please review Virginia Code sections below for standards that may apply to your particular vehicle: