Drug Enforcement Section (DES)

The Drug Enforcement Section (DES) was established to provide sworn personnel in every division dedicated full time to the enforcement of drug laws in Virginia. The Department of State Police is committed to supporting local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to enforce the controlled substance laws within the Commonwealth.

Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces

The Department of State Police participates in 33 multi-jurisdictional task forces across the Commonwealth. These task forces consist of state and local investigators pooling resources and personnel to combat organized crime. They investigate crimes originating in and between participating jurisdictions and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. These crimes involve gang violence, child exploitation, human trafficking, illegal drug activity, and other illegal activity throughout the Commonwealth.

Joint VSP/Federal Task Forces

The Department of State Police works jointly with Federal agencies by providing sworn officers to serve on Federal task forces. These task forces are led by agencies such as the ATF, DEA, FBI, HSI, U.S. Postal Inspectors and the U.S. Marshals and assigned to specific issues such as drug trafficking, gun trafficking, sex trafficking, tracking fugitives, counter-terrorism efforts and other illegal activity. By combining resources, we work together to reduce criminal activity and dismantle organized crime.