VSPA Benefits

Virginia State Police Alumni benefits include help with estate planning, insurance filling assistance, life insurance recommendations, and more. The Virginia State Police Alumni, Inc. is an organization of state police retirees and former members, sworn and civilian, formed for the principal purpose of fostering and maintaining camaraderie among the members through social gatherings and events. Membership is open to former SWORN or EMPLOYEE of the Virginia State Police.

The Florian FoundationHave you completed your estate planning? Do you have a Living Will? Any will? We are pleased to introduce The Florian Foundation. Established after 9/11 the Foundation has been responsible for providing public safety professionals with more than 30,000 sets of documents, pro bono! If you didn’t take a lot of Latin back in the day, that means FOR FREE. Your spouse or significant other is also included, for the same low price. ($0)

The history of the Foundation is included here, with the forms and glossary below. As you open them, “enable editing” so that you can print them. For even more helpful estate planning, please see their website: The Florian Foundation

Insurance Information – We understand this is a very sad and trying time, and the following information is provided by the Virginia State Police Alumni, Inc. to the families of deceased members to hopefully assist with the necessary completion of paperwork. Should you have any questions or are in need of further assistance, please contact Art King, President at (804) 794-2025, or one of the other officers of the Alumni. For Department member spouses, who want to know if you will continue to receive a portion of your spouse’s retirement, you will need to call the Virginia Retirement System. You will also need to advise them if you wish to continue the insurance. If your spouse took 100% of their retirement, you will need to obtain insurance. You will also need to obtain several copies of the Death Certificate, as most agencies will need certified copies to process any claims.

Social Security Benefits – Contact: www.socialsecurity.gov or phone (800) 772-1213. Family members may be eligible for Social Security survivor’s benefits when a person getting benefits dies. You should make this call ASAP, as any checks received after the date of death, will most likely need to be returned or repaid. The same is true of the Retirement System payments.

Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Retirement System Life Insurance – Contact: Minnesota Life, P. O. Box 1193, Richmond, VA. 23218-1193 or phone: (800) 441-2258

Amount: Double salary, while working. After retirement, starting on January 1, following the first full year of retirement, coverage reduces by 25% and each January 1 thereafter, until coverage reaches 25% of its value at time of retirement.

State Police Retirement Benefits

Virginia Retirement System – P. O. Box 2500, Richmond, VA 23218-2500 or phone: (888) 827-3847, www.varetire.org
For notification of death and to request information on future spousal benefits.

Virginia State Police Death Benefit Fund – Sworn/Uniform members only Contact: Wells Coleman and Company, LLP 3800 Patterson Ave., Richmond, VA 23221-2000, Attn: Virginia State Police Death Fund or phone: (804) 358-1150. Amount: $30,000; after retirement: $500.

Virginia State Police Association Life Insurance – Contact: Virginia State Police Association, 6944 Forest Hill Ave. Richmond, VA 23225 or phone: (804) 320-6272 Amount: $5,000. At age 70, benefits reduce by 50% of original amount to $2,500. At age 75, benefits reduce an additional 25% of the original amount to $1,250.

Virginia State Police Association – Phone: (804) 320-6272 for questions about membership.